Founded in 1984, CSG Holding Co., Ltd., listed in A and B share markets in 1992 at the same time, making it one of the earliest listed companies in China.

   CSG Holding, headquartered in Shekou, Shenzhen, has initially completed its nationwide industrial distribution, and its five major production bases are distributed over the most economically active areas in China, located in the Yangtze River Delta in the east, the Pearl River Delta in the south, the Chengdu-Chongqing area in the west, the Beijing-Tianjin area in the north and the Hubei area in the center. It has built large-scale production or raw material bases in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Chengdu, Tianjin, Langfang, Wujiang, Yichang, Xianning, Jiangyou Sichuan, Yingde Guangdong and other cities, and has established subsidiaries in Hong Kong. It is the most competitive and influential large-scale enterprise group in the Chinese glass industry and solar energy industry. 

CSG Holding has been committed to the energy-saving and renewable energy industry, establishing a long-term development strategy with the main line of “providing the society with energy-saving glass and renewable energy products”. Its primary business covers the production of energy-saving building materials such as plate glass, architectural glass and other types, and renewable energy products such as silicon materials, PV modules, as well as new materials such as ultra-thin electronic glass and high-tech products......

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Chengdu CSG Glass Co., Ltd.

Fu Quan 028-85689218( Telphone )

Sichuan CSG Energy Conservation Glass Co., Ltd.

Guo Yang 028-85676869( Telphone )

Headquarters in Shenzhen: CSG Holding Co., Ltd.

CSG Bldg.,No.1,6th Industrial Road,Shekou,Shenzhen,P.R.C

0755-26860666( Telphone )

0755-26860666( FAX )

Hebei CSG Glass Co., Ltd.

Shi Zhongrui 0316-5698691( Telphone )

Hebei Panel Glass Co., Ltd.

Sun Feihu 13602119153( Telphone )

Tianjin CSG Energy Conservation Glass Co., Ltd.

Li Xinmei 022-82109988/82176689( Telphone )

Xianning CSG Glass Co. Ltd.

Li Minjun 13982057019( Telphone )

Xianning CSG Energy-saving Glass Co., Ltd.

Wang Xiankun 0715-8899550( Telphone )

Xianning CSG Photovoltaic Glass Co., Ltd.

Wu Mingsheng 0715-8909759( Telphone )

Yichang Nanbo Display Co., Ltd.

Wang Chunping 0717-6866989/15889670923( Telphone )

Yichang Nanbo Photoelectric Glass Co., Ltd.

Feng Jingjing 0717-6269292( Telphone )

Yichang CSG Polysilicon Co., Ltd.

Ding Huan 0717-6265881( Telphone )

Wujiang CSG Glass Co., Ltd.

Yi Zhengtao 0512-63193333-8836( Telphone )

Wujiang CSG East China Architectural Co., Ltd.

Zheng Jingjing 0512-81559999/81559893( Telphone )

Dongguan CSG Solar Glass Co., Ltd.

Li Jiafeng 0769-88288600( Telphone )

Dongguan CSG Architectural Glass Co., Ltd.

Ma Jianming 0769-88287668( Telphone )

CSG PVTechCo., Ltd.

Ding Yongfeng 0769-88288579( Telphone )

Qingyuan CSG New Energy-saving Materials Co., Ltd.

Song Jiying 0763-4783118

Yingde CSG Mining Co., Ltd.

Lian Jun 0763-2668031

Shenzhen CSG Photovoltaic Energy Co., Ltd.


Jiangyou CSG Mining Development Co., Ltd.

Bao Tianrong 0816-7170888