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CSG Holding Co., Ltd.


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CSG Bldg.,No.1,6th Industrial Road,Shekou,Shenzhen,P.R.C

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     Established in 1984, CSG Holding Co., Ltd. is a large competitive and influential enterprise group in the international glass industry and solar photovoltaic field. Its primary business covers R&D, production and sales of high-quality float glass, energy-saving glass, solar glass, silicon materials, PV modules and renewable energy products. CSG also provides one-stop PV power plant project services, including development, construction, operation and maintenance, as well as new materials and information display products such as ultra-thin electronic glass and display parts.

    CSG Holding is committed to creating a beautiful, natural and comfortable residential life, not only requiring energy saving products but also placing emphasis on energy conservation and emission and haze reduction during the production and manufacturing process. At the same time, it provides better energy saving and renewable energy products and services for society by continuing research into new technology. 

Shenzhen CSG Photovoltaic Energy Co., Ltd.


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CSG Bldg.,No.1,6th Industrial Road,Shekou,Shenzhen,P.R.C

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Established in October 2015, Shenzhen CSG Photovoltaic Energy Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSG Holding. As the solar industry chain terminal of CSG Holding, it specializes in the development, construction, operation and management of solar photovoltaic power plants, the development of PV system applications and systems, the construction and integration of PV system engineering, etc.

Relying on the robust operating performance, good financial standing, financing platform and complete solar energy industrial chain (highly purified polysilicon, wafers, cells and modules, solar glass etc.) of CSG Holding, it has sufficient funds and reliable solar PV module products, with the capability for sustained power plant investment and long-term stable, and efficient operation of invested plants. At present the company and its predecessor have built more than 100 MW PV power stations in Dongguan, Langfang, Xianning, Tianjin, Wujiang, Qingyuan, Yichang, Zhangzhou, Heyuan, Zhanjiang, Shaoxing, etc.

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